Potable Water


Georg Fischer Central Plastics is committed to building better piping systems for the water industry. We manufacture the most comprehensive line of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) products in the industry, a products that has been proven to be the most fatigue-resistant piping material available today. HDPE has been used for over 45 years in the natural gas industry and offers the same high performance for water distribution.


  • HDPE does not corrode and is chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Performs consistently in dynamic soils and areas prone to earthquakes
  • Accepts repetitive pressure surges that significantly exceed the static
  • pressure rating of the pipe
  • Maintains its flow capability over time
  • Joins seamlessly with heat fusion (joint fittings or butt-fitted)
  • Requires fewer fittings than other systems
  • Costs less to transport and install and maintain
  • Uses less energy to manufacture
  • Safe for the environment, recyclable and does not emit hazardous
  • toxins during manufacturing or installation

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