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Factor Mutual (FM) approval is one of the highest standards that a manufacturer like Georg Fischer Central Plastics can reach. 

The Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC) is a testing laboratory that is recognized in the U.S. and internationally for its work testing components for fire protection systems. Components for fire protection systems are tested to ensure that the products can pass an aggressive level of performance, safety and quality standards. Any GFCP product that is labeled with the Factory Mutual (FM) symbol indicates that the product has met and/or exceed the rigorous requirements of a fire protection system.

The manufacturing process and the in-house testing facilities at Georg Fischer Central Plastics have been inspected and approved by FMRC, and are audited frequently to ensure compliance and promote continuing improvement.

Our line of FM approved products includes ( More Information ):

  • Butt Tees
  • 45 Degree Butt Elbows
  • 90 Degree Butt Elbows
  • Butt Reducers
  • Butt Caps
  • Flange Adapters
  • IPS Backup Rings
  • MJ Adapters
  • Electrofusion Branch Saddles
  • Electrofusion Couplings
  • Flange Transition Fittings
  • Weld End Transition Fittings

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