The New TruLock™ Underpart Clamping System

Jul 27, 2020 9:00 AM
TruLock Underpart Clamping System 2

GF Central Plastics continues to look for ways to improve its products. Today, we formally roll out a significant advancement in our single-use clamping options for GFCP's 1-1/4" IPS through 6" IPS Electrofusion Service Tapping Tees (EFTT), 2"IPS through 6" IPS Electrofusion High Volume Tapping Tees (EFHVTT) and Branch Saddles with outlets of 2" and smaller, and VersaTap®, as well as Corp and Transition Saddles.

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Features Benefits
The new multi contact point design is wider and thicker. This improves the clamping force distribution.
The new design utilizes a hinging mechanism on the outlet side of the fittings. No need to access bolt/screw under the outlet.
The self-threading bolts on the back side of the saddle tee are pre-started. The operator simply snaps the bolts into the two slots on the back side of the tapping tee and tightens with a common 5/16" or 8mm hex socket wrench. The bolt ends are blunted for safety.
The underpart is designed to remain on the fitting after fusion is complete. No more waiting for the clamp through the fusion cycle and cooling period; provides continued support for the fitting.
The TruLock™ Underpart now includes a centering indicator. The centering indicator provides visual assurance that the base is square to fitting.
All fitting sizes use the same 5/16th (or 8mm) hex head bolts. One easy to find hex-head wrench replaces two Allen wrenches and makes proper torqueing easier on the operator.
TruLock Underpart Clamping System