Commercial Co-Pilot® Meter Bypass System

Aug 20, 2020 9:00 AM

GF Piping Systems is happy to introduce the latest addition to the GF line of gas products: the Co-Pilot. The commercial Co-Pilot meter by-pass system allows a gas meter to be safely and easily replaced without interrupting service or the need to enter a building. No more scheduling and rescheduling to re-light pilots or conduct appliance checks. It requires no hoses or regulators or complex combinations of valve procedures.

It quickly connects to virtually any existing 8.25" on-center meter set, whether it's composed of a prefabricated steel set or a malleable meter bar combined with swivels and nuts. It's adaptable to many combinations of meter nuts. Its aluminum body is coated with UV resistant gas gray polyester to keep the unit looking good and protected for years of service. The Co-Pilot is self-contained. Its tamper resistant screws, customer activation key and optional locking devices provide multiple levels of security.

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Features and Benefits

  • Co-Pilot is self-contained: kit does not require additional parts to function
  • Universal connection capabilities to most existing 8.25" on-center meter sets
  • Reduced liability to the customer and service provider in by-passing the meter
  • Reduces total cost of ownership to both the customer and the service provider by eliminating scheduled and unscheduled meter appointments
  • Significantly reduces labor time and eliminates service interruption
  • Safety key feature that ensures co-pilot will not be left in by-pass mode
  • Overall adaptability for all meter change outs
  • Optional locking choices
  • UV/corrosion resistance
  • Tamper resistance
  • Optional Feature: Horizontal Lock Cover