Nov 8, 2017 7:43 AM

A new version of the operating system firmware has been released for BOSS II and BOSS III battery powered electrofusion control boxes.  The firmware update will automatically take place when the unit is returned for normal service and calibration maintenance.  This update will alter the operation of the machines in the following ways:

  • The new firmware will include a menu option to turn the ID resistance reading mode on or off.  NOTE:  All units will be shipped with the ID resistance feature switched off.  An instruction will be provided with each returned machine to allow the user to turn the feature on if desired.
  • The unit will not allow operation of the machine for any fusion time longer than 300 seconds.

The operation manual will be updated to reflect these changes along with a recommendation to exchange the ID resistor reading fitting adapter (red lead end) with the white lead end when fusing in barcode mode.

Reason for change:  This update is an important safety feature that will reduce the potential for accidental or unintentional recognition of an identification resistor reading if the machine’s cable ends are dirty or damaged when attempting to fuse in barcode mode.  It will prevent fusion attempts of fittings that are longer than 300 seconds and not compatible with battery powered control boxes.