HVTT Repair Fitting and Peeling Tool Kit

Jun 8, 2020 9:00 AM
HVATT Repair Fitting and Peeling Tool Kit

GF Piping Systems is happy to introduce the latest addition to the GF Line of gas products: the HVTT Repair Fitting and Peeling Kit.

This product is for the repair of leaking UPONOR HVTT caps1. It can be used in cases where the cap is damaged and cannot be tightened, or when replacement with an OEM cap is not possible. This cap repair system contains a tool specifically designed to remove the threads by peeling the tower of the HVTT to accept the Electrofusion Repair Fitting. The fitting is designed in a way that the gas in a pressurized system can be safely vented away from the electrofusion zone of the fitting.

This product is not intended for and may not be suitable for use with other similar fittings produced by other manufacturers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to repair the UPONOR conventional saddle fusion High Volume Tapping Tee with 2 IPS outlet.
  • Can repair fittings with damaged threads, damaged caps, or both.
  • Significant reduction in overall repair cost, some customers seeing up to 50% reduction.
  • Allows repair of pressure fittings without the need for squeeze-off or disruption to down-stream customers.
  • Meets all ASTM requirement for gas applications.
  • Allows access to the original cutter after repair.
  • Easy Installation and Easy-to-use kit includes all tooling needs

Uponor HVTT refers to polyethylene high volume tapping tees historically produced under the tradename of UPONOR and used for gas distribution service.