Meter Swivels


Designed by Georg Fischer Central Plastics, the insulated meter swivel is used in many natural gas service systems throughout North America. The insulation material covers the pilot, flange and externally extends up the body. The insulation is molded in place, which means there are no loose parts. This greatly simplifies assembly and eliminates the possibility of short-circuit caused by moisture. The pigmented insulation is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, has high dielectric strength and is bonded to the metal with a weatherproof adhesive. A metal ring is installed on each swivel, serving as a bearing surface for the nut and preventing damage to the nylon.

Insulated 90º Elbows

Insulated Female

Insulated Offset

Insulated Straight

Non-Insulated 90º Elbows

Non-Insulated Female

Non-Insulated Offset

Non-Insulated Straight