Flange Insulation Products


Our flange insulation gaskets and insulation kits are used throughout the world in numerous industry specific applications. These products have proven highly effective and reliable for controlling and maintaining the integrity of piping systems even under the most demanding conditions. Flange insulation materials are usually sold in kits, which include gasket materials available in CE Phenolic, Nitril-faced CE Phenolic, Durlon 8500 & 9000, G7 and G10. New materials are always under evaluation and gaskets can be made from special materials upon request, based on sufficient quantities and lead times.

Insulating Sleeves

Insulating sleeves are available in polyethylene, Mylar, phenolic or Nomex. They are designed to be easily inserted in the bolt hole, leaving ample room for the bolt even when the bolt holes are misaligned.





Insulating Washers

Our insulating washers are available in Phenolic G3, G7 and G10.

One-Piece Sleeve And Washer

Also available is our Minlon molded one-piece sleeve and washer, reducing the handling of loose parts. One glance and an inspector can easily tell if the flange has been properly insulated.

Type D - BX

The octagonal BX gasket is designed to work specifically with a BX grooved flange. BX gaskets are machined from phenolic tubing; therefore, the gas pressure is perpendicular to the grain, allowing the gasket to withstand pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Type D – Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

The RTJ is an oval phenolic gasket designed to work specifically with RTJ grooved flanges.

Type E - Full Face Gasket

Type E gaskets center on precisely located bolt holes. Since the outside diameters are the same, foreign material is prevented from shorting the flange insulation. 

Type F - Ring Gasket

Type F gaskets are made without bolt holes and fit tightly inside the bolt hole circle, assuring a well-centered position.

“Jock” O - Ring Type

The Jock sealing gasket uses a buna-nitrle or a  viton O-ring to seal and isolate the flanged pair. The O-ring allows near zero leakage static sealing and limits the area of seal exposed to fluid attack. The gasket can be a full face (Type E) or ring  gasket (Type F) configuration. With the versatility of changing the sealing element or the retainer material, the 2” and larger Jock gaskets can be utilized in most any application.