Sewer Saddles


GFCP for use with pipe conforming to ASTM D2513/3035, F-714 and with Butt fittings conforming to ASTM D3261 as applicable. 

PE3408/4710 Electrofusion Sewer Saddles are produced from a pre-blended virgin resin that has a PPI listing of PE3408/4710 which complies with ASTM D3350. This resin carries a NSF Standard 61 listing for use with potable water. These electrofusion fittings are produced from a PE3408/4710 grade of polyethylene resin which complies with ASTM D3350. The pre-blended virgin resin has a PPI listing of 3408/4710 that meets or exceeds the requirements of NSF Standard 61.

EF Gasketed Sewer Saddle


Main Sizes: 6" IPS – 48 IPS", 
8" DIPS – 48" DIPS, 
Multi-Base 8" – 10".
Outlet Sizes: 4" IPS, 6" IPS,  
4" PSM, 6" PSM.