PE Ball Valves


Developed by Georg Fischer Central Plastics, the trunnion pin design uses an additional lower support to retain the ball in a centralized position, eliminating the binding that can take place under pressure and significantly reducing the torque required to operate the valve. The trunnion pinfeature is available in 8”, 10” and 12” sizes. On the 10” and 12” valves, a gear reduction actuatorsystem further reduces the force needed to openand close the valve.

Georg Fischer Central Plastics offers a full range of PE ball valves in sizes 1-1/4” through 12”. All valves are full port relative to the ID of the pipe to maximize flow.

Installation of the ball valve can be through butt fusion or electrofusion couplings to ensure a leak-free path. These valves can also be modified to include either 3408/4710 or 2406/2708 pups, if desired.

Mechanical fittings can also be used but certain restrictions may apply in gas applications. Our trunnion-style ball valves are pressure rated to at least an equivalent of DR11 pipe using the appropriate design safety factor (DSF) for the intended application.

Full Port Polyethylene Ball Valve



1 ¼" - 12" IPS.