Hydraulic PolySqueez Tool


The hydraulic polysqueez tool is durable and compact. It compliments the Connectra line of rugged fusion equipment, able to provide a quick emergency shutoff of polyethylene pipelines until permanent repairs can be made. Most hydraulic polysqueez tools are lightweight, and easily handled and transported, saving valuable time in problem areas. The swing-out lower jaw design enables the tool to be used in tighter trenches than can a slide-inversion tool. This results in faster shut-offs, less trenching, fewer man-hours and lower costs.

Product Overview


  • Unit operates hydraulically
  • Gap settings for various size lines
  • More than adequate pressure is available for any pipe within the model range
  • Specially designed squeeze bar and machined stops protect against pipe damage
  • Special Swing Latch design for easy usage in smaller and narrower trenches
  • 20 foot hydraulic hoses allow operation from outside the excavation for added safety or where access is limited
  • Comes with easy-to-use mechanical safety rods designed to prevent tool reopening in the event of hydraulic failure
  • SLP 16DA is specially designed for lighter weight
  • Superior tools at an extraordinary price
  • Limited three-year warranty



Item Size Weight (pounds | kg)
SLP-24 2" - 4" 69 lb | 31 kg
SLP-46 4" - 6" 75 lb | 33 kg
SLP-16DA 1 1/4" -  6" 70 lb | 31 kg
SLP-68D 6" - 8" 145 lb | 65 kg
SLP-1012D 10" - 12" 245 lb | 109kg