Squeeze Tools


In emergencies, or on hot tie-ins, Connectra's squeeze tools allow you to make rapid squeeze-offs without damaging pipe ends.

Hydraulic Polysqueez Tool


Durable and compact, the hydraulic Polysqueez tool is able to provide a quick emergency  shut-off of polyethylene pipelines until permanent repairs can be made.  

Available in a variety of imperial and metric sizes ranging from 1 ¼” IPS through 12” IPS.

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Hydraulic Steelsqueez Tool


The powerful hydraulic Steelsqueez tool is designed to work on schedule 40 steel pipe.  Built with a swing-out lower jaw, and powered by a two stage hydraulic pump, the Steelsqueez can quickly and effectively squeeze-off steel pipes in emergency situations.  

Available in sizes ranging from 3/4” IPS through 8” IPS.

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Service Line Squeeze Tools


Georg Fischer Central Plastics service line tools are designed to provide a quick emergency shut-off of polyethylene pipe until permanent repairs can be made.  These durable, compact and portable tools are capable of squeezing off pipe sizes from ½” IPS through 4” IPS.  

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Mechanical PolySqueez Tool

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