Butt Fusion Machines


Connectra's line of rugged and dependable butt fusion equipment allows you to make high-quality, specification joints on virtually any size of HDPE pipe.

BS4 Butt Fusion Machine


The compact BS4 manual butt fusion machine is a lightweight alternative to the 14M.  BS4 units are ideally suited to the plumbing market, where size and mobility are important.  At only 34 lbs, the entire fusion machine and accessories can easily be stored and transported to and from the jobsite in the provided rolling toolbox.

Accommodates pipe sizes ranging from ½" IPS through 4" IPS.

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14M Butt Fusion Machine


A highly versatile manual butt fusion machine built for field use. 14M units have heavy duty frames, a semi-automated locking mechanism, and adjustable handles to make fusing easier.

Accommodates pipe sizes ranging from ¾" CTS through 4" DIPS.

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28CQ Butt Fusion Machine


The 28CQ is built for tight spaces — in the ditch, on the pipe rack, wherever room is at a premium.  The simple controls make for quick training and easy operation.

Accommodates pipe sizes ranging from 2" IPS through 8" DIPS.

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28HP Butt Fusion Machine


The lightweight 28HP is designed around a sturdy rectangular frame that provides operators with a rigid and safe fusion platform.  Stripped down to the basics, this fusion machine lets operators focus on the essentials without compromising results.

Accommodates pipe sizes ranging from 2" IPS through 8" DIPS.

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28EP Butt Fusion Machine


The 28EP uses the same sturdy rectangular frame as its 28HP brother.  The high precision temperature and pressure controls ensure that operators can have confidence in their work.  

Accommodates pipe sizes ranging from 2”IPS through 8” DIPS.

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