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Category 1: Transition Fittings

As with all of our Transition Fittings, our polyethylene-to-steel joints are actually many times stronger than the PE pipes they attach to. Our time-tested design  eliminates human error in the plastic-to-steel connection by providing a tamper-proof, gas tight, ASTM D2513 Category 1 mechanical joint. 

Our Category 1 Fittings exceed the hydrostatic burst pressure and tensile strength of the polyethylene pipe and are designed to exceed ASTM F1973 specifications.

Flange Transition Fittings

PE2406/PE2708 Pipe

Steel flange end epoxy coated (2"–24").

Threaded External Coated Transitions

PE3408/PE4710 Pipe

PE2406/PE2708 Gas Pipe

Steel thread end epoxy coated (1/2"–8").

Threaded Internal Coated Transitions

PE3408 Oil Field Pipe

Steel threaded internal coated (1/2"–8").

Victaulic Transitions Fittings

PE3408 Pipe

Steel victaulic end epoxy coated (2"–24").

Weld End Transition Fittings

PE2406/PE2708 Gas Pipe

PE3408 Gas Pipe

PE3408/PE4710 Oil Field Pipe

Steel weld end epoxy coated (1/2"–24").

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