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Factory Mutual (FM) Approved for Fire Protection


Factory Mutual Global (FM) insures and protects the lives, property, and continuity of operation for its insured, by mitigating fire risk. One component of that risk minimization is the rigorous testing of fire protection system components, which includes underground pipe and fittings. Factory Mutual Research Corp. is the FM Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) which conducts pipe and fittings testing for FM Global Insc. Fire protection system components are rigorously tested to ensure that all approved products pass the aggressive level of FM performance, efficiency and quality requirements. Every GF product labeled with the Factory Mutual (FM) symbol has met the strenuous requirements for fire protection systems. The GF manufacturing processes and the in-house testing have been audited, approved, and bi-annually inspected by Factory Mutual Global, to assure product conformance and performance for the Owner’s security and peace of mind, now, and into the future.

Benefits & features


FM – Factory Mutual Global

… is the world’s largest industrial property insurance and risk management organization.

FM – Approval

….provides certification that Georg Fischer Central Plastics product design and manufacturing, meets your fire system protection needs.

FM – Critical elements

… Fire protection systems require moving water through pipes from its source to its final point of use. Underground pipe and fittings are considered the most critical components.

FM – Performance

… fire prevention systems must be extremely reliable and capable of safely withstanding both internal and external stresses over long periods of time. Rigorous testing and auditing by FM

Comparison of HDPE FM solutions for underground fire protection systems


Design-Flow RED

FM Approved

Longevity (Up to 100 year design life)     X
Resistant to Surge X   X
Resistant to Crack Propagation X   X
Corrosive Resistance   X X
Reduced Insurance Premiums     X
Non-Gasket Joining     X

Earthquake Resistant


Freeze Tolerant     X
Ductile Material X   X
Scratch Tolerant X   X

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