Notice of Product Obsolescence - Christie Manufacturing Inc./ TD Williamson Inc. Fusion Machines and EMIE Electrofusion Processors

Jun 15, 2017 9:00 AM

GF Central Plastics rarely obsoletes equipment it produces and when it does, it is usually well beyond the expected life of the product. Unfortunately, that time has come for the items listed above. For these products, the underlying technology has advanced, components are obsolete or the one-off repair components are cost prohibitive. 

Effective December 31, 2015, Georg Fischer Central Plastics LLC will no longer repair, maintenance or maintain an inventory of repair parts for butt fusion equipment carrying the Christie Manufacturing or T.D. Williamson logos. The last Christie/T.D. Williamson butt fusion units were produced in early 2001, prior to the creation of the Connectra JV that joined the two companies. GF Central Plastics purchased Connectra in 2007. (Note: This notice does not apply to units made under the Connectra name while operated under the Christie/TOW joint venture.) 

Likewise, effective May 30, 2016, the repair, maintenance and repair parts inventory for the EMIE Electrofusion Processor (pictured below) will be discontinued. Central Plastics obtained the last of these units from the J. Sauron Company of France in 2003. Numerous components of this processor are no longer available for purchase by GF Central Plastics. This notice applies to both the EMIE processors as shown (roll cage) and those utilizing the large gray case. The unique identifying feature of these units is the yellow face housed in a white metal box. 

If you have any questions regarding this notice as it applies to the Christie/TOW fusion machines, please contact Mike Smith.

If you have questions regarding this notice as it applies to the EMIE Electrofusion Processors, please contact Mike Anson