HyperPlast PA-11 Piping System


Hyperplast™ Piping System is THE low cost solution for replacing steel.

The Hyperplast system provides a higher pressure plastic alternative to corrosive steel systems, reducing installation and lifetime maintenance costs.

Our Hyperplast™ Piping System uses polyamide-11 resin (PA-11). The PA-11 system is easy to install using electrofusion or conventional fusion equipment and tools (1/3 the time of steel) and requires minimal maintenance. 



The Hyperplast system includes all the PA-11 pipe fittings and connections to install a complete system, including transmission lines as well as local distribution and service connections.

The Hyperplast™ Piping System includes:

  • 1-inch, 2-inch and 4-inch IPS pipe
  • Butt fusion & transition fittings
  • Risers
  • PA-11 valves
  • Electrofusion couplings, valves, saddles and meter risers

    * Installation of Hyperplast™ Piping Systems is similar to polyethelene, using conventional butt fusion equipment or electrofusion.



The Hyperplast™ Piping System is made completely of renewable castor oil, extracted from castor beans rather than petroleum. Castor beans grow in poor soil, requiring little water or fertilizer. 

The carbon footprint of PA-11 is dramatically smaller than either polyethelene or steel. In fact, PA-11 has a CO2 footprint 40% less than polyethelene and 100% recycled steel has a CO2 carbon footprint 14 X greater than PA-11.

Pipe Sizes:

1" IPS, 2" IPS and 4" IPS – Currently 40' Sticks (Coiling of 1" & 2" proven but pending)

Butt Fusion Fittings:

1", 2" and 4" IPS, inclusive with Reducers


1" IPS and 2" IPS

Transition Fittings:

1", 2" and 4" PA-11 to steel and PA-11 to PE


4" IPS x 1" IPS & 2" IPS x 1" IPS EF tapping tees; 1", 2" and 4" couplings. (Pending 2" IPS x 2" IPS and 4" IPS x 2" IPS)